Jackie Emr's Capstone Project

Using technology to improve student engagement and learning!

What is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is a self-directed project in which teachers collaborate with colleagues within or across grade levels or departments to incorporate innovations into their curricula. Throughout the seminar, teachers build a portfolio demonstrating the development, implementation, and outcomes of their project. This experience is designed to provide teachers with the opportunity to apply previous knowledge and skills gained from other courses in the program.

My Topic:

I will be designing my research project based on a significant need that I have identified in my math class. As a fourth grade teacher of on-grade-level math, I notice every year that my students come in to class frustrated and with very low expectations of themselves. They continually demonstrate a negative attitude towards math and struggle through each unit. Every year, one of the most challenging topics for my students is geometry. While some children are able to quickly grasp each concept, a vast majority of my classes struggle through. I have decided to use an online resource that my school has a subscription to called IXL (http://www.ixl.com/math/grade-4). This website provides many resources including games, lessons, and activities for students of all math levels from Pre-K through seventh grade. This resource offers many different lessons and activities that support the learning of geometry, particularly as it corresponds to the current MCPS curriculum.

UMUC Graduate Program in Educational Technology Description:

The Master of Education (MEd) in Instructional Technology is an advanced degree program that focuses on integrating technology in the preK-12 schools to strengthen and transform teaching and learning. The program provides the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate technology effectively into preK-12 curricula, instruction, and assessment; to develop expertise in current and emerging instructional technologies; to gain deep understanding of the role of technology in the contemporary school; and to lead change efforts at the classroom, school, and district levels.

The program combines three areas of study related to the preK-12 schools:

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • Technology Integration

  • Leadership